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We Are All Unique and Special

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

Abraham Maslow said that we get a thrill out of the God like possibilities we see in ourselves in our most perfect moments, yet, we simultaneously shiver at these very same possibilities.

What does this mean?

Well, this means we fear our greatness.

We glimpse, in our most perfect moments, what we might become and it’s like we lack the courage to take that chance.

It’s like we lack the conviction to become what we might be. Yet anyone, that has ever achieved anything worthwhile, has stepped so radically outside their shell, has moved so radically beyond their comfort zone, we cannot help but bow in reverence.

Why not take their example?

Why not take a step outside of your comfort zone?

Maslow describes self actualisers as not an ordinary people with something added ( an x - factor , extra-ordinary) but, rather, people who are ordinary with nothing taken away.

Our very nature enables us to be unique and capable of being fully human. How cool is that - your nature as a human being equips you with your uniqueness, your specialness. You already have it…………your powers are fully available. Only fear dampens and inhibits the potential within.

We have learnt, through Neuro Semantics, that meaning making influences and transforms our basic needs. Once our basic needs are met, we can then look to our dreams and visions turning them from just that - dreams to action.

Self-actualisation is about tapping into these dreams for you as an individual and making it real. When you get clear and understand what you want to do, what you have potential in it’s about taking that risk and stepping up. As you step up and start to actualise your dreams and visions your capacity grows. Your capacity for vision, your capacity for beauty, your capacity for joy, for all things unique about you. Capacity is always growing, there is always more.

So where to start?

* Identify your gifts,

* what are your highest dreams and visions?

* What is your talent?

* What is the uniqueness you bring to the world?

* What can you grow and develop?

Getting out of your comfort zone, stepping up.

Risk being seen in all of your glory.

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