'Minds Awake' Masterclass Series

Do you have a sense of knowing that you are full of potential and yet something holds you back? Do you say to yourself if only people could experience the real me? If only I could follow my dreams? Are you constantly listening to negative self talk telling you how to show up in the world? Trying hard to please others ?

Are you ready to wake up?

Session 1: Self Awareness

Waking up to all that's possible

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Session 2: Self Motivation

Motivating yourself towards your highest potential

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Session 3: Self Management

Getting yourself out of the way

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Session 4: Interpersonal Skills

Develop healthy relationships 

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Session 1 - Self Awareness
Begin your journey by waking up to all that is possible in your life.

In this session, we look at how your thinking affects your state of mind and can create anxiety, self-doubt and judgement in your life.

When you become aware of your thinking, then you have a choice to think and behave differently.
Are you a worst-case scenario thinker, or a best-case thinker? Is your self-esteem conditional on how others value you? Do you count your successes and achievements or are you thinking that you could have done more?

This session is about becoming aware of how you do you - what you pay attention to in life - and how you can become free of your own self-imposed limitations.