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Smile And The Whole World Smiles With You

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

I’ve only got to smile and you smile, go out at lunchtime and try this. When you see a stranger just smile and see what happens, nine times out of ten they smile back. If you make a conscious effort to look them in the eye and smile they are going to smile back at you. That is mirror neurons at work.

If you stick your hand out to shake one someone else's hand what are they going to do? Their hand will come out to meet you, it is wired into them. we are utilising mirror neurons. Mirror neutrons allow us to learn through imitation. They enable us to reflect body language, facial expressions and emotions.

The most powerful way to facilitate states in others is to lead them - by going first. That is why when someone gets angry you get angry. Someone gets upset you get upset. When you go home and your partner is in a filthy mood what happens to your mood? It’s like their mood is infectious. We are subject to these mirror neurons.

UNTIL we BECOME AWARE of how to run our own state of mind, we are subject to them. Mirror neurons are wired into us, to model each other, “monkey see monkey do”. It is the basis of the construction of the human being, we are wired to model. That is how as a baby we learn to talk. No one clicks a gene to have you learn to talk, it is wired into you, learning through imitation.

So when I’m talking about an experience it fires up your experience of that experience. There are things that are wired into us that connect us with our experience to reality. It’s triggered by seeing someone else to do something and because we are wired to be social, we do the same thing. This is what enables inculturation. They are a driver until they are not. They will have you until you can get to the stage where you see that what is occurring in you - simply modelling.

This is what it is to be human being, we can choose not to model something especially if it’s not serving us. So, if your partner is in a filthy mood you don’t have to be subject to that mood anymore. How resourceful is it for you to model something that leads to these less than ideal states?

Until you know that it’s a choice you have - it’s not a choice.

How well are you choosing your states?

Are you becoming enculturated and modelling un-resourceful states?

Do you know what your best state for self-leading and leading others is?

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