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Who Says You Can't

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

How often have you thought about doing something and somewhere deep inside a voice says “you can’t do that ! “. These self imposed beliefs of “I’m not good enough” or “what would others think about me?” are the little voices from beyond that create the self imposed limitations which operate outside of awareness.

These false beliefs about ourselves of I’m not good enough , I can’t do that which also manifests as I’m not worthy, I’m not valuable, I’m not loveable. are the roadblocks to us realising our full potential. Think about it - we are filled with dreams of being something else, all the while rejecting who we already with these false beliefs. We hold all our hopes and dreams as visions out in the future to excuse us from fully BEING and we do this by judging, discounting, procrastinating and doubting ourselves.

What if the reverse was true?

What if you believed that you are valuable beyond measure? What if you believed that your worth was a given?

How would that change the way you go about the world today?

What self-sabotaging beliefs have you said yes to that are preventing you from being your best? Are the false beliefs that I mentioned above familiar ?

If beliefs are thoughts we have said yes to which then operate as a filter as to how we take in and experience the world then they become self-fulfilling prophecies which whilst, may have been gifted to us by our families, friends, peers, the media, and our culture at some point we said YES to these thoughts.

Funnily enough these beliefs that we said yes to were gifted to us around the time we were children. I’m curious how many toys do you still play with as an adult that you had when you were six? how the about the clothes you wore as a six year old ? do they still fit?

Is it time for you to design and create the beliefs you need to hold in mind to realise all of your dreams?


There is inside you all of the potential to do whatever you want to do.


It has been my experience that at times it can seem difficult to hold on to your dream - you will potentially, as I have at times, fall into old habits of listening to that voice, of self judgement, of putting other peoples dreams before your own, getting caught up in the day to day routine of your life.


One thing I know for sure is that we cannot do this alone. It takes people from all walks of life to remind each other to listen to the voice of potential and to say NO to those self imposed beliefs and YES to the possibility of you.

Madeleine Robinson

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