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Meta-Coaching is a powerful coaching methodology that transcends traditional Performance Coaching, taking the client to higher levels to Developmental and Transformational change.  At these levels, profound change occurs naturally and easily.  The result is success and transformation.  That is why we call it 'meta' meaning a higher level

Your Meta-Coach qualification is recognised worldwide.  You'll hold the most highly regarded and sought-after accreditation in your field.

Meta-Coaching is the highest evolutionary state of two disciplines: Cognitive Behavioural Science and Master Coaching. Meta-Coach Training, therefore, has both academic/intellectual integrity, and practical coaching and business applications.

You'll undertake between 180 - 510 hours of coaching- specific training.  Other coach training courses average 50 - 100 hours.  The internationally recognised Meta-Coaching qualifications are stringently assessed and tested on an ongoing basis.

Module 1

Coaching Essentials 
+ NLP Practitioner
8 days (2 x 4 Days)


The first step in your Meta Coach training journey is our internationally recognised NLP Practitioner program.  This provides the highest quality coaching skills available today based on cutting edge models from cognitive-behavioural, developmental and self-actualisation psychology.

Module 2

Coaching Genius
(Accessing Personal Genius)
3 days


Building on Coaching essentials, the Coaching Genius module builds on the skills you’ve already developed, introducing you to more advanced techniques and strategies.  Over three days you will learn 14 coaching patterns enabling you to work systemically with a client’s mindset, emotions and behaviours.

Module 3

Coaching Mastery
(Associate Certified Meta Coach)
8 days


The final chapter in your Coach training journey is the eight-day Coaching Mastery (boot camp) learning the advanced skills required to establish a coaching relationship, frame coaching conversations and start your own coaching practice.  In this module you will meet the competency levels of the training’s vigorous benchmarking requirements, reaching competency level across the seven core skills of Meta Coaching.

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