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Corporate Training Programs

Are you looking to expand your team's growth?

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My training is grounded in the Communication Science of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and the Cognitive Sciences of Neuro-Semantics (NS).


As a certified NLP trainer and Coach trainer , I provide organisations with various learning and growth opportunities, depending on their own specific desired outcomes. Through the process of a detailed discovery call to discuss what is the current status quo, where are they now and where do they want to go - as individuals, as a culture and as an systemic organisation.  


As individuals and teams learn the very structure of human change and development, they gain tools to really get inside the way they and people around them communicate, learn and change enabling them to create more complete and sustainable solutions.

Organizations I’ve worked with:

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Training programs

Communication Essentials


  • Online program delivered over 12 x 2 hour sessions.


What will your people learn?

  • Understanding Mindset - how does Mindset influence thoughts, feelings, decisions and behaviours?

  • Understanding emotions - how our mind-body emotional systems works, how to access your own resources when and how you choose.

  • Understanding interpersonal relationships - how to effectively listen as a coach, support clients, gain rapport, use questioning to get to the heart of the matter you are working on.

  • Understanding performance - understanding strategy, meaning making, how is a person’s behaviour being governed by the inner frames of reference. 

  • Modelling excellence, understanding old habits and replacing them with more resourceful healthy habits.

Emotional Intelligence


  • Online program delivered over 6 x 2 hour sessions. 


NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming.  It is a study of how we take in reality through our five senses and our neurology - it is a study of our own subjective experience of the world.


This program is designed for people who are excited and curious about what is possible for them as human beings, who want a proven methodology of how to improve relationships with self and with others, communication and motivation.


This program is about developing Emotional Intelligence using NLP.


Join me and my team in this interactive, fun, insightful introductory program to kickstart your team’s NLP journey.

Have your own organisational needs?
Contact me to design your own bespoke program.

Kind words

"Madeleine facilitated two training workshops for approximately 80 staff of the Defence Aviation Safety Authority (DASA). This not only included Neuro Linguistic Programming communication skills and models, but also additional material requested by our organisation on Enneagram personality types and stages of human development. The workshop was highly informative and engaging, challenging each participant to apply the course content to workplace issues and personal circumstances. Madeleine's temperament as a trainer was critical in creating a space where people felt safe to engage at their own pace, yet also willing to confront difficult issues and topics as the training unfolded. Another thing in particular that stood out with Madeleine was her desire to connect with the trainees and organisation above and beyond what was required of her contractually. Even after the training was completed, there was ongoing efforts to personally reach out and check in with the professional/personal development and progress of our personnel. I highly recommend Madeleine as a trainer and developmental coach, and am happy to provide more specific examples of my experience of working in partnership with her."



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