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Kind words

Stefania Picinich

I was fortunate to have Madeleine come into my life at just the right time. I had recently stepped into an Executive role and found myself questioning my ability to be able to “make it work” due to the stress, pressure and expectation that came with it. Through her wonderful way of gently challenging the stories I was telling myself and bringing awareness to some of the programs I was running, I was able to “lean in” to a different way of doing things. In only a matter of weeks, I began to experience an amazing shift in how I interacted with the world around me and with myself through my internal dialogue. My confidence increased, I let go of behaviours that no longer served me and allowed my ‘best self’ to shine through. I will be forever grateful to Madeleine for creating a safe space for me to explore what was holding me back so I could step into more of who I wanted to be. 

Shane Stewart

I have worked with Madeleine for a number of years - I have seen her train emerging coaches in away that they can absorb the knowledges and then demonstrate it - I have watched her coach executives and get to the heart of the matter to produce positive change - either expanding capability or removing roadblocks, niggles and sore spots.
She holds people in unconditional positive regard while challenging them to unlock more of their potential. She is a great person and fun to work with, collaborative and insightful.

Kelly Samson
Kelly Samson.jpg

I’ve had the privilege of working with Madeleine as a student in her training and alongside her on training teams she has led. Madeleine brings a fully authentic style that connects from the heart that both inspires and makes a transformational difference to her clients and students. She brings a style that creates a safe space where the person is heard and understood, and at the same time she clearly identifies how the client is holding themselves back.

I look forward to working with Madeleine more and I thoroughly recommend Madeleine as a Coach and Trainer.

Josh Akems

I met Madeleine at just the right moment, as she would probably say these things kind of work out that way. I had what I thought was a very clear plan with my coaching brief (which is apparently a very 6 thing to do), but that plan went out the window as we got very deep, very quickly and started to work where the work was needed. Madeleine is a no-bullshit, compassionate, funny and respectful practitioner. She's well-read and shares her own experience as much as she implores you to honour your own. Make no mistake, Madeleine goes 'there' - but it's always from a place of personal journeying, and she holds those moments carefully and honestly. I can't recommend her enough for getting to the guts of a pattern or development topic, and holding you to account for stepping into the work. She's helped me connect to and nurture that delicate, but growing inner light, and for that I can't thank her enough.

Soo Balbi
Soo Balbi.jpg

I've been fortunate to have been both a coach mentoring client of Madeleine's to begin with, and then later a colleague and co-facilitator.

I think Madeleine has a wonderful way with people. With her down to earth approach and genuine care for others, she quickly and easily creates rapport with others. Don't be fooled by the laid-back style though, she's highly perceptive, and will also call things as she sees them - a critical skill for any coach. I've personally experienced Madeleine’s astute capacity to listen. She tunes into not just what people are saying, but also to what they’re not saying. She is therefore very skilled at identifying frames of thinking that hold clients back. My experience of Madeleine as a workmate is that she is open and receptive to feedback, and able to confront difficult situations with intelligence and resourcefulness. I highly recommend Madeleine as a skillful coach, facilitator, colleague and friend.

Mark Moon

I have worked with Madeleine as both my personal life coach, and also as a mentor for me in expanding my coaching skills my own clients. Not only is she extremely experienced and qualified as a top level coach, she is also a coach trainer which gives her the expertise to both coach and mentor. One of the many reasons that I coach with her is that I always feel nurtured and supported, something that is very important to me so I can be really honest and open when I share with her. I haven't always experienced that with other coaches in the past. I always feel like my time with her is valuable and I finish the sessions with clarity on what I wasn't previously seeing. I highly recommend her as both a coach and coach mentor. 

Tzara Attwater

I had my first coaching and mentoring session with Madeleine just over  two years ago.  In that time Madeleine has helped me bring awareness to various beliefs and thinking structures that were not supporting my goals.  She has a style of coaching that is tremendously compassionate and yet challenging in its validation of where I was at.  It was this style of coaching that enabled me to feel supported through my own journey of self-discovery.  As a mentor and facilitator for coaching, Madeleine goes above and beyond, with her time and energy to help motivated, coaches and clients reach their truest potential.

​​Ondina Gregoric

I got to know Madeleine in my Coaching Community and have always been drawn to her deep knowledge in coaching. Her Monthly Q & A is a wonderful way for me to engage with that knowledge each month. 

It keeps me on track with my own coaching practice and it’s an opportunity to work with others in the community.

The Monthly Q & A is an enormously valuable 90 mins to reflect and learn and I love being part of Madeleine’s community.

Kay Phillips

Madeleine’s Coach Q&A sessions are not only a fabulous opportunity to connect and learn from others, but to also a chance to tap into her rich and extensive coaching experience and knowledge. Mads mixes inquiry and insight, challenge and support, theoretical and practical to make every session incredibly valuable.  And of course all this done with a Madeleine mix of fun, honesty and the odd tear.  I love it.

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