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bronwyn sowden
May 08, 2021
Question for the group. I've noticed a common theme with a few clients, in intake sessions, where they start talking about a change they want to make or something they want to improve .... and then go on to tell me how it's not really a problem, or not very often, or here's some examples of how I'm good at it. (I think I've done this as a coachee). My question is .... is this a normal thing to pop up regularly? Do you experience it with your clients? I'm kinda putting it down to ego protection. I have been challenging clients on it, to varying responses (i.e. given that's true, is this your coaching topic? how is it a problem? if you kept it, in 5 years .... etc) I'm also wondering if rapport (given it's the first session) could be a factor here. Love to hear others experiences / advice / thoughts etc.
bronwyn sowden
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