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Coach Mentoring

Are you fully present with your clients?

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Coaching is about facilitating your genius and mentoring is sharing my knowledge and experience of coaching. Through the monitoring process we will be facilitating your own learning and discovery about what it is to coach. Mentoring is an objective viewpoint of how your coaching is going, what’s working well, what skills need refining, troubleshooting problems arising, support and guidance.


My biggest experience with mentoring Coaches in their coaching is not always about the skills but the negative self talk, judgement and self doubt that can get in their way of their ability to coach. Through mentoring I work with you as a Coach to help you get out of your own way, where you can be fully present with your client.

The Coach Mentoring program will enable you to:

  • be confident in getting started - knowing what to do and when.

  • get free from your own self-judgement that arises when coaching.

  • create connection with your clients in the first session.

  • know how to truly support your clients whilst challenging them.


Kind words

"I think Madeleine has a wonderful way with people. Don't be fooled by her laid-back style though, she's highly perceptive, and will also call things as she sees them - a critical skill for any coach."


Coach mentoring, supervision program

As a successful Coach, fully-trained NLP trainer and Meta Coach trainer I bring expertise combined with my own unique style of authenticity, relatability and wisdom. The offer is to lead and walk beside you at the same time where you can experience a deep relationship of being seen and heard.

Experience a complimentary intake session to see if an individual bespoke mentoring program is for you.

Q&A with Madeleine

Monthly Coach Mentoring

  • Monthly 90-minute group Q&A mentoring sessions

  • Fortnightly practice groups for ongoing learning

  • Topics relevant to growing your coaching skills

  • Members-only Forum

  • Exclusive access to Madeleine's online resource centre

  • Coach Mentoring 2021

    Every month
  • Coach Mentoring

    Every month
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