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One-on-One Coaching

Curious about yourself?


Coaching is a process that is designed to facilitate another to be able to access their own resources.  My role as a Coach is to hold a mirror up to what a person may or may not be able to see, facilitating them (perhaps for the first time), to become objective to their subjective experiences. 


When a person can wake up to how their thinking and behaviour might be un-resourceful, and no longer serving them in their lives they can then choose a more abundant and resourceful pathway for themselves.  To get free from self imposed limitations.

Would you like to live a more resourceful life?

This coaching methodology is designed to:


  • Awaken a person to all of the untapped potentials and possibilities asleep within.

  • Access resources to unleash one’s own personal power -getting free from the self imposed limitations of one’s thinking.

  • Challenge a person to create new and more expansive outcomes. 

  • Unleash new potentials, unique talents and aptitudes, and incredible possibilities.


Ultimately, coaching is all about self-actualisation. It is a process that facilitates others to express, more fully, all that lies within - to actualise true potential.


Kind words

"I can't recommend her enough for getting to the guts of a pattern or development topic, and holding you to account for stepping into the work. She's helped me connect to and nurture that delicate, but growing inner light, and for that I can't thank her enough."


One-on-one coaching program

Working with me consists of a 3 month developmental coaching program.  A six session cycle, coaching fortnightly delivered via zoom with various awareness practices given in between sessions.  The magic of the work is not just in the sessions with me.  It is in the work you do  between sessions, gaining greater awareness and becoming objective to what perhaps you haven’t been able to see.

If your curious about coaching,
book a complimentary 20-minute session with me:
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